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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Several new fabric books have arrived. And they are gorgeous! Fabrics are a weakness of mine. I look at them and my mind just starts clicking trying to imagine what I could use them for. these new books are color coordinated so it is very simple to find something in just the right color. Each book show solids, prints and sheers. With 40% off the price is right too!

Having you custom made bedding has never been so easy. Also, you can have custom made upholstered pieces such as headboards, ottomans and benches. Just imagine having your headboard coordinate with your bedding. Or your drapes matching a ottoman or bench in the living room. This gives you a very high end look without the high end price.
Draperies, bedding and upholstered itmes are not your only design options. Tablecloths, runners, placemats, napkins and all your pillows for living room or bedroom are available as well.

You and the rooms you live in deserve custom window treatments because:
Custom window treatments will fit your windows perfectly.
They are not off the rack or out of a box.
Your windows are measured and your treatments are designed to suit your window.
Custom draperies are luxurious. Proper fullness and linings are key to the custom look. Most commercially made draperies do not have the 2- 3 times fullness that creates the luxury of custom.
Pleats are deep and perhaps you want something other than a regular pinch-pleat. Custom window treatments are lined and interlined. Many commercially made drapes are not. The correct lining adds body, protects your fabric from harmful sun exposure and makes your drapes; shades, swags, jabots and cascades look nothing less than spectacular.
Fabric patterns are matched across the seam. This ensures continuous flow of design across your window.
Choose the length you want. Custom drapery can be made to any size from short to long and even longer.
Custom can create cornices to specification.
And custom does not stop here.
Finish the look with designer trimmings, window hardware, pillows and table skirts.
The supply of trims and hardware are endless. The right trimmings can take a simple design to new heights with sparkle and flair. A beautiful fringe, ribbon, crystal or an incredible tieback can make your custom treatment truly unique.
Custom pillows and table skirts can add punch and a touch of whimsy to a room and tie together your colour choices. Custom pillows are made with your choice of insert so choose, hard, soft, down or polyester, or something in between, all covered with the perfect fabric.
There is no substitute.

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