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Thursday, January 13, 2011

NEW in BEDDING: Custom and Affordable

Bedroom Ensemble & Valance Collection

Our new Custom Bedroom Ensembles Collection offers complete sets in all sizes - Twin, Double, Queen and King including the most popular accessories at competitive prices. Each set contains a comforter or duvet cover, bed skirt, pillow shams, two cushions and a neck roll.

Decorators can co-ordinate from the vast selection of narrow width fabrics in the Antex Collection to create their own unique look and style.

Included in the program are a new Headboard Style, Euro Shams and Valances. The new valance styles reflect simpler, more modern shapes, and can be co-ordinated with the bedding or purchased individually. All products are manufactured to our highest custom-quality ISO 9001:2000 certified standards. Request the Catalogue and Price List from your Antex representative.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


All headboards are fully upholstered in the fabric of choice. Legs are covered with face cloth and included with the headboard. Standard white blackout lining will be on the back of the headboard. Legs are detached for proper shipping. All hardware included.

The seats and tops are 4 inch foam.
Upholstered storage benches have hinged covers. Inside is lined with white plastic, coated hardboard.

Just click on the pictures to see them beter and then back click to go back to this page.


The throw bedspread is the most popular style of bedspread today. This style covers the pillows at the head of the bed and usually hangs to the floor on the other three sides.
All fabric widths are prejoined by matching the patterns and then quilted as a single piece.
All bedspreads are bias bound and turned.
Also they can be quilted in different patterns
These pictures are just drawings of the different styles. Come in and check out the beautiful fabrics that will make your bedroom stunning and unique. Click on each picture to look at them larger.
In addition to warmth, comforters provide a decorative surface for the bed. They are used in combination with shams and bed skirts. With three components to work with, the coordination possibilities are endless.
Bed skirts are suspended from the bottom of the bed designed to hide the box spring. They are used in combination with comforters, duvets and pillow shams. The "gathered" is the most common and popular style. But I prefer a box pleat. Dust ruffles are constructed with three-sided drop.
Pillow shams are designed to cover bed pillows and dress up the bed. They are somewhat loose fitting. Shams are combined with a bed covering that does not fold over the pillows, i.e. comforters and duvets.
A duvet cover is a protective cover for your comforter. It allows greater versatility in decorating your bedroom. A print or solid comforter can be transformed into a new look by slipping a duvet cover over it. This innovative product makes bed making as easy task. All one needs to do each morning is shake and spread. Duvet covers are easily removed.


Several new fabric books have arrived. And they are gorgeous! Fabrics are a weakness of mine. I look at them and my mind just starts clicking trying to imagine what I could use them for. these new books are color coordinated so it is very simple to find something in just the right color. Each book show solids, prints and sheers. With 40% off the price is right too!

Having you custom made bedding has never been so easy. Also, you can have custom made upholstered pieces such as headboards, ottomans and benches. Just imagine having your headboard coordinate with your bedding. Or your drapes matching a ottoman or bench in the living room. This gives you a very high end look without the high end price.
Draperies, bedding and upholstered itmes are not your only design options. Tablecloths, runners, placemats, napkins and all your pillows for living room or bedroom are available as well.

You and the rooms you live in deserve custom window treatments because:
Custom window treatments will fit your windows perfectly.
They are not off the rack or out of a box.
Your windows are measured and your treatments are designed to suit your window.
Custom draperies are luxurious. Proper fullness and linings are key to the custom look. Most commercially made draperies do not have the 2- 3 times fullness that creates the luxury of custom.
Pleats are deep and perhaps you want something other than a regular pinch-pleat. Custom window treatments are lined and interlined. Many commercially made drapes are not. The correct lining adds body, protects your fabric from harmful sun exposure and makes your drapes; shades, swags, jabots and cascades look nothing less than spectacular.
Fabric patterns are matched across the seam. This ensures continuous flow of design across your window.
Choose the length you want. Custom drapery can be made to any size from short to long and even longer.
Custom can create cornices to specification.
And custom does not stop here.
Finish the look with designer trimmings, window hardware, pillows and table skirts.
The supply of trims and hardware are endless. The right trimmings can take a simple design to new heights with sparkle and flair. A beautiful fringe, ribbon, crystal or an incredible tieback can make your custom treatment truly unique.
Custom pillows and table skirts can add punch and a touch of whimsy to a room and tie together your colour choices. Custom pillows are made with your choice of insert so choose, hard, soft, down or polyester, or something in between, all covered with the perfect fabric.
There is no substitute.

Monday, October 4, 2010


You will find my pricing VERY competitive! If you are renovating or building new and have more than 5 or 6 blinds, you will receive 45% off. Make sure you give me a call.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pixelated Pop in a Classic Bath

If you would like to see this fantastic bath in full click on the following link. There are some surprising decorating points anyone can use! Also this is a great link for all your do-it-yourself decorating projects you need advice on.

Pixelated Pop in a Classic Bath

Monday, March 29, 2010


French country is a great style to interject in small quantities. You don’t have to go all out and be exclusively french. It blends very well with traditional rooms and is a great edge to modern rooms.
A home filled with genuine French furnishings and accessories would be beautiful, but incompatible with modest household budgets. Instead, here a few ways to make your home a little more French on a budget:
• Place an inexpensive, wrought iron bench in the foyer decorated with romantic throw pillows depicting roosters, florals or fleur de leis.
• Add lace panel curtains on windows where absolute cover for privacy is not required. Go with the attitude here that a little goes a long way and maybe in the bath or bedroom.
• Paint with French hues like mustard, celadon, salmon pink or cornflower blue.
• Add inexpensive accessories, such as a black iron wall planter in the bathroom to hold hand towels.
• Whitewash old ladder-back chairs, sand the edges just a little to convey age.
• Paint white cabinets and rag over them with a glaze. This works nicely with a base coat of cream paint, brushed over lightly with a mocha-brown glaze.
• Suspend a pot rack from the kitchen ceiling to hang pots and pans, especially if they're copper. But these will need dusting regularly so perhaps hang with things you will use often.
Read more at Suite101: French Country Home Decorating on a Budget http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/budget_decorating/74091#ixzz0ja7vdmar
When I was buying for my store I was always on the lookout for anything with a french flair to it. Those items always sold well and I was once complemented on my quantity of french inspired merchandise. Garden shops and gift stores abound with decorating accessories, just use your imaginations or ask the sales clerks. They can be a big help with ideas.
Here are some great fabric choices from Antex Designs, a fabric company which I represent.

For a great site to visit for inspiration go to: www.euroantiquemarket.blogspot.com